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The choice of the right plane depends, among other things, on the number of passengers, flight distance and time, your luggage, the facilities at the airports, your personal requirements in terms of comfort and the budget you want to spend.

As safety is very important to us, we only make arrangements with operators who have been independently audited and meet the highest safety standards.

Through our extensive network of partners, we accommodate your needs and desires to go anywhere on almost any aircraft. We will always have the right size jet, whether a turboprop, small air taxi or heavy executive jet available to you, when and where you need it.

private planes can save much time

The list below shows the most common private planes
Please speak with us before making your final decision on a type of plane.

Turboprop aircraft combine low cost advantages while sharing the performance and comfort of light jets. They can carry up to 7 passengers and have an avarage speed between 380-490 mph. The average nonstop range is around 1,000 miles. Cabin height is up to 4 feet 6 and cabin length varies from 12 to 16 feet. Turboprops can access runways that are often too short for jet aircraft. Depending on the model, these aircraft may have a limited galley or lavatory. Baggage capacity is limited.
Astra Extior King Air 350 King Air B200
Light Jets
A light executive jet is the most economical choice for short to mid-range trips. At an average cruising speed of 440 mph they are only slightly slower than scheduled flights. Light jets have seating for up to 9 passengers and a non-stop range of 1,500 miles. Depending on the model, these aircraft typically have a limited galley and lavatory. Baggage capacity is limited with full seat occupation.
Beech Jet 400A Citation Bravo Citation CJ1 Citation CJ2
Citation Encore Citation Ultra Citation V Falcon 10
Learjet 25 Learjet 31A/35 Learjet 45 Raytheon Premier1
Westwind I Westwind II
Midsize Jets
Midsize Jets combine comfort, performance and economy for medium length flights. The average cruising speed is over 500 mph and roughly similar to that of regular scheduled planes. Midsize private planes have a non-stop range of about 2,200 miles and seating for up to 9 passengers. Beverages and snacks are served. Hot meals and individual catering can be arranged. Most midsize jets have external baggage storage, can accommodate a reasonable amount of luggage and have a private lavatory.
Astra 200 Challenger 300 Citation III Citation Sovereign
Citation VII Citation Excel Citation X Falcon 20
Falcon 2000 Falcon 50 Gulfstream 200 Hawker 700
Hawker 800XP Hawker 850 Hawker 1000 Learjet 55
Learjet 60
Heavy Jets
Heavy jets are offering optimum performance and amenities for long range flights. They have seating for up to 16 passengers, an average cruising speed of 530 and non stop ranges over 4,000 miles. This allows intercontinental flights without fuelling stops. Amenities usually found: private dressing areas and lavatories, internal/external luggage compartments, DVD, satellite phone, fax and a full galley.
Boeing Business Challenger 600 Challenger 601 Challenger 604
Falcon 900 Global 5000 Global Express Gulfstream 300
Gulfstream 450 Gulfstream 550 Gulfstream II Gulfstream III
Gulfstream IV Gulfstream V