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Are private charter flights safe?
Being an independent provider of aircraft services we act as consultants solely committed to our clients. All of our private jets have to meet highest safety standards:

  • your aircraft conforms with all of the international safety standards
  • your aircraft is maintained in accordance with the relevant guidelines
  • the airline has a valid aviation operator certificate
  • the pilots have all of the necessary licenses and flight experience
  • your aircraft is comprehensively insured
  • all of the regulations prescribed by the aviation supervisory authorities are strictly adhered to.

How do I book my private charter flight?
After your travel data have been specified, we will send you a charter contract by e-mail or fax. The contract contains all of the relevant information regarding your flight, e.g. route sketches, meeting point, aircraft description and payment information. Your flight is confirmed as soon as we receive the contract signed by you.

How much does a private jet cost?
Every charter is unique. The costs vary significantly based on a number of variables including distance, size of aircraft and length of stay. To get an initial idea of the price, please use our online quotation or contact us by mail or phone. After your trip is defined in detail, we will compile a binding and transparent cost quotation and send it to you by fax or e-mail.

Can I change my booking?
In principle you can change any booking at any time - right up to changing the route when you are already in the air! In the case of major deviations from your original booking, there may be additional costs, which will be charged seaprately, needless to say on the basis of the actual costs incurred.

How do I pay for my flight?
Payments can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express). Please note that we levy a small charge on credit card payments. Invoices are issued in Euro, US dollars, GB pounds or Swiss Francs. All payments must be received before the flight takes place.

What is the procedure at the airports?
We will send you detailed information material regarding your trip, e.g. route maps, meeting points, telephone numbers of the crew etc. Of course each airfield is different - but the general rule is that you should aim to arrive 20 minutes prior to your planned departure time. Someone will be waiting for you at the meeting point. After that, everything will be taken care of. At the destination airport you will be accompanied to the terminal, where you receive your luggage. On request, we can, of course, organise a limousine service to the departure and arrival airports.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, we always provide transparent pricing that includes all costs. Generally, prices will only change if you request a different itinerary or if you ask us to reschedule your flight. You will always be advised of any changes to the charter price before you have to make a binding decision.